Nightwalkers-io is a wonderful multiplayer survival game in which you must try to survive against a terrifying zombie outbreak – hordes of walkers are roaming the streets at night, and you must do all you can to stop them and survive. You only have your fists at first, and your only option is to crush the zombies to death. However, as you progress, you'll be able to pick up guns and ammo to help you kill them faster. You must also keep an eye out for other players; you can either form an alliance with them or chase them down; the decision is yours!


- Use your mouse to control the character's movement.
- To shoot, use the left mouse button; to melee, use the right mouse button; to switch objects, use the 1-2-3-4-5 key.


- A game about surviving zombie attacks during the night.
- You should use the torch to light your way through the dark terrain.
- Various weapons to choose from
- View from the top-down
- Noise level meter

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