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Gladiator: True Story

Gladiator: True Story is a gladiator arena survival game in which you play as Bruticus, the planet destroyer. This is your journey to becoming the greatest gladiator of all time. Based on historical evidence. Through waves of ultimate warriors and champions, hack and slash your way through. Increase the power of your armor and weaponry to deal even more damage in this violent fight arena!


-  WASD or Arrow keys  to move
-  Z key or Left mouse to attack
-  X key or Right mouse to defend


Squid Game Survival

Squid Game Survival - In this entertaining online Squid Game-inspired game, try to survive all of the mini-games to win the cash reward. Adapted on the famous Netflix program Squid Game (aka Round 6), finish each mini-game to be the final player remaining.

Control: To play each mini-game, use your mouse or finger.

Squid Game Survival's video walkthrough:


Mini Royale: Nations


Hello and welcome to the ever-changing Mini Royale universe! Sharpen your shooting abilities, participate in competitions, and accomplish tasks with your Clan to gain valuable prizes. Collect weapons, costumes, land, buildings, pets, and a variety of other items. Most importantly, have fun and collaborate!

Mini Royale: Nations (MRN) is a community-owned skill-based shooter with a variety of PvP and PvE game modes for all skill levels. The main shooter game is built on top of a land control-focused, social strategy game that places a strong emphasis on clans, alliances, and social features. The game economy promotes social conduct and is intended to be a never-ending experience created by and for the player community.



- WASD keys to move
- Mouse to aim
- Left mouse to shoot
- Right mouse to focus
- Space to jump

Game Modes: 

  1. Team Deathmatch
  2. Capture the Flag
  3. Battle Royale
  4. Daily Event Modes
Mini Royale: Nations' video walkthrough:


Adventure Miner

Adventure Miner is a mining game in which you explore large locations and mine several sorts of gorgeous ores.

Control: WASD or Arrow keys to move


Alchemist Lab - Jewel Crush

Alchemist Lab - Jewel Crush: Welcome to the world of Alchemy Match3 Lab. Make an easy match for three Jewel components to clear them, and then match four or five chips to gain bonuses. Match the benefit with the gem to activate it, then match the bonuses with each other to produce the philosopher's stone. Explore over 100 difficult levels.

Control: Mouse


Gloom: Gargoyle

Gloom: Gargoyle is a mystical, single-player, third-person viewpoint game. The game is the first act of the game "Gloom," and it takes place in three lovely and fascinating settings. Use magical powers for walkthroughs, such as a flaming aura that absorbs your manna and lights the space around you, an aura of time, which accelerates up the game time so you may travel quicker, and an aura of magic, which eats your life force to refill mana reserves. To advance in the game, you must explore two mystical dungeons in search of divine items.


- WASD keys to move
- Shift to walk
- Space to jump
- Left mouse to interact
- Key 1: fiery aura
- Key 2: the aura of time
- Key 3: aura of magic


Math Fight

Math Fight - Show off your math skills in the heat of battle in this cool brain game! Fight enemies by clicking or touching them. The stick figure with the higher number will win. Avoid defeat or you will have to start over. Defeating enemies will grow your number by theirs. Conquer each foe to complete each level!

Control: Mouse to play


Home Run Master

Hit great home runs out of the park to become the Home Run Master!

\Control: Mouse

Home Run Master's video walkthrough:


Touchdown 3D

Touchdown 3D - In this fantastic 3D football game, dive towards the end zone! Each level must be completed by scoring a touchdown. Avoid opposing tacklers at all costs, as these professionals will bring you down! Juke defenders, avoid tackles, and weave your way through traffic to get six points!

Control: Mouse

Touchdown 3D's video walkthrough:


Om Nom: Bubbles

Om Nom: Bubbles
Om Nom: Bubbles is a 60-second bubble shooter with the legendary Om Nom.

Control: Mouse

Om Nom: Bubbles' video walkthrough:



squid-game-io is a no-cost .io game. If you want to play video games while listening to music, this is not the game for you. This is a game that takes your whole attention since the key to triumph rests in listening to the music. While you may have heard of the Squid game, we bet you haven't played it yet. So, here's a short and simple game that goes fast and is as quick as hell. It's difficult yet fair, enjoyable but irritating. Squid Game io is a game based on the premise of the South Korean survival drama TV series Squid Game, which is currently available on Netflix. You must participate in the intense survival struggle.

Control: WASD/ Arrow keys

How to play: So you've chosen to join the Squid Game, and you've got nothing to lose. The winner receives a substantial prize, so it's definitely worthwhile. All players are on a playground and must cross a line. A gigantic doll stands at the front of the queue and keeps an eye on everyone. You are free to proceed as soon as it sings its song. Those who continue to move after it stops singing will be shot instantly. Take care.'s video walkthrough:


Operation Desert Road

Operation Desert Road is an action game in which you control an armored vehicle and eliminate adversaries in order to clear the desert roads!


- WASD or arrow keys to move
- Z key or left mouse to shoot
- X key or right mouse to active special

Operation Desert Road's video walkthrough:


Halloween Balance

Halloween Balance: Drop pumpkins on top to try to balance the scales. Try to get as near to the sweets as possible. Earn candy by achieving a high enough score on each round; run out of candy and the game is finished. In this entertaining online Halloween game, try to balance the scales.

Control: Mouse

Halloween Balance's video walkthrough:


Time Witch

Time Witch is a puzzle platformer in which you play as a witch with the ability to warp time. Use that power appropriately to assist her in overcoming hurdles.


- AD keys or left and right arrow keys to move 
- W key or up arrow key to jump 
- V, Y, I key or Space to distort the time

Time Witch's video walkthrough:


Frightmare Blast

Frightmare Blast: In this exciting online Halloween game, blast away falling things like pumpkins and ghosts. As you try to survive for as long as possible, improve your talents. To finish each level of this eerie-themed game, you must meet your shooting goals.

Control: Mouse

Frightmare Blast's video walkthrough:


Halloween Knife

Halloween Knife - Throw knives at each pumpkin to destroy it. Gather sweets and gifts while avoiding previously thrown blades. In this entertaining online Halloween game, use your sweets to unlock cards and attempt to obtain a high score.

Control: Mouse

Halloween Knife;s video walkthrough:


yonzo-io is a no-cost .io game. Welcome to Yonzo's crazy world! It is an io game that is simply a collection of smaller mini-games. You may collect money, keys, and upgrade as much as you want. If you enjoy competing against yourself or others, you will enjoy playing Yonzo.

A 3D Social Multiplayer World featuring 30 mini-games. This is the genuine online squid game. Play with friends or strangers from all around the world, meet new people, and set new records.


Control: Mouse and WASD/Arrow keys

  In Yonzo World, you may customize your avatar and play a variety of games. Characters may be upgraded and pets can be trained. Make new friends and meet new folks. The new online social environment is there in front of you. Collect keys to unlock the mountain's riches, and don't forget to collect a lot of coins. The money you have accumulated will allow you to purchase headwear for your character as well as other items in the near future!

I'm looking forward to meeting you in Yonzo.'s video walkthrough:


Blocks Must Fall!

Blocks Must Fall! is a minimalist puzzle game in which you must demolish all of the white and gray blocks by hopping on them and making your way to the exit.


- WASD/Arrow keys/Mouse to move
- R key to restart

Blocks Must Fall's video walkthrough:


Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween


Zombie Clash 3D is the Halloween version of the Clash 3D series and is a themed third-person shooter game versus zombie shooters.

Join a gang of Harlequins in their endeavor to reclaim an abandoned circus site from nasty zombies this Halloween. Arm yourself with a lethal double-barreled shotgun or a one-of-a-kind crossbow that shoots explosive arrows and lead your team to victory!



- WASD or arrow keys to move
- Hold C key to crouch
- Space to jump
- Tab to score table
- Left mouse to shoot
- Right mouse to aim down sights

Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween's video walkthrough:


Magic Maze

Magic Maze is a rat-based adventure game set in a mystical land of labyrinths where evil has risen and is attempting to enslave everyone. Your mission is to defeat evil by collecting things, battling in the arena, and navigating labyrinths in order to acquire all artifacts and punish the enemy.


- WASD or Arrow keys to move
- Space to jump
- Mouse to interact

Magic Maze's video walkthrough: