Hide N Seek

Hide N Seek is a fun 3D simulation game in which you and your children play the classic hide and seek game. Runabout the home until you discover those naughty little ones!


- Mouse to look around
- Left mouse to interact with the objects
- WASD keys to move
- Double Esc to show cursor

How to Play Hide N Seek

"Seek for the Missing Children"
The kids have gone into hiding, and it's up to you to discover them! To discover them, explore the area and examine every room and cabinet. There are more kids to find as the stages go, and the search area widens! When it reaches that stage, you may require some assistance.

Use current technology to locate them.
If you wish to make the game simpler, you receive a choice of 2-3 improvements at the conclusion of each round. Eliminate your difficulties by using a compass, stick, x-ray, or a dog to locate the children.


- 3D images that are simple and vibrant
- As you continue, the maps become larger.
- Enhancements can be used to make the search simpler.
- Playable on the web and on mobile devices

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