The Ironic Zombie

The Ironic Zombie game is back with an HTML5 update. The updated edition has much more adventure. The plot of the game goes on from where it left off. Invite him to battle evil zombies with the mocker zombie that challenges the young explorer. And if the young explorer doesn't understand the majority of zombie's comments, it tries to fight bad zombies by bringing the weapon close to him and the adventure begins. On the other side, an explorer, the young man, using his weapon and brain, destroys evil zombies. The mocker zombie can take the rocks and throw them because of their strength. The outcome of this solidarity that can be expected from you...


- Mocker Zombie: Arrow keys to move, L key to shot, K key to carry/throw the box, U key to change weapon
- Young Adventurer: WASD keys to move, F key to shot, G key: grenade, Q key to change weapon

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