Forward Assault Remix


Join the Forward Assault Remix fight. Forward Assault is the first shooter of Bullet Force manufacturers. It is an incredible 3D game with a very tactical game.

Get ready to take your opponents down and become the head of a military force. Run, conceal, distract, target, shoot, kill. You should have a strong and comprehensive plan to win the war for your squad.

You are equipped with a Glock and a combat knife when you start a game. You earn money to kill adversaries and win matches. To enhance your survival use this cash to get new weaponry. The classifications of weapons include pistols, rifles of attack and firearms, to mention a few.



- WASD key to move
- Mouse scroll to switch weapons
- Space to jump
- Q key to throw weapon
- E key to pick up a weapon
- R key to reload
- B key to enter market weapon or hold B to plant/defuse the bomb
- G key to throw grenades
- F key to switch grenades
- T key to chat
- Shift key to crouch
- Left mouse to shoot
- P key to pause 
- Tab to show statistics

Exciting team fighting

The gameplay is realistic - travel about the various maps and try to remove the other team. Carefully move and use the many items as cover. You won't live long if you just plunge headlong in the firefights! Careful motion, stealth and co-operation are essential.

Each fighting round employs a method of last resort. You must sit out until the following round begins after you're slain. That's why collaboration in the Forward Assault Remix is vital. That said, you may still be the last person to stand and take the whole opposition team out!