Instant card combat in the manner of IO! is an innovative game that combines the fundamentals of collectible card games (CCG or TCG) with an IO style casual gaming experience that is quick to onboard and play.

Controls: Mouse and Touch

Engage in two to three-minute PvP card fights with your opponents, acquire new cards, modify your deck, enter the next battle right away, rise in the ongoing seasonal rankings (which are determined by your longest winning streak!), personalize your card back, and show off your blazon with pride!


- To play a brief onboarding match against the amiable training bot, just click the Play button.
- You'll be able to fight other actual gamers once the tutorial is over!
- You will receive new cards in your deck after defeating your first opponent; be sure to look them over by clicking the "My Collection" button. These cards will significantly increase your strength in the upcoming battle!
- To learn more about your opponent, click on their blazon.


Try to store your strongest resources at the right moment and hit hard since the opponent's cards (in your hands) become increasingly powerful with each turn.
ADVICE: The energy of an overload card can be transferred to another overload card! Make good use of them!
ADVICE: In order to avoid being one-shot during the last game turns, armor is crucial!
HINT: You have the opportunity to win life-saving tech cards! Don't disregard them!

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