Ships 3D


Ships 3D is an online naval combat game that features frenetic frigate fights and chaotic sea smash-ups. Join your pals in exciting multiplayer ship warfare with up to 20 players.



- WASD key to move
- Mouse to look around
- When standing close to the steering, sail, and guns, use the F key to interact with them.

How to Play

Ship battles .io
Ships 3D brings full-scale online ship battles to the arena combat structure games. Engage in explosive combat on the wide sea, watch as your cannonballs shred opposing ships, and navigate the battlefield intelligently to obtain a positional advantage.

Steer the ship or shoot the cannons
Align your ship from the helm so that you or your designated Helper Bot can aim adversaries correctly. Helper Bot is here to aid you on your destructive sea adventure, but you may kick them out of the way when you want to take control.

Source your own crewmates
You may join buddies to your ship via a special code, giving you more cooperation and a teamwork advantage over other mariners.

Upgrade your ship
Use the level and gold you get while battling at sea to improve the performance of your guns and ship.

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