Shape Shooter 2

Shape Shooter 2
Shape Shooter 2 is a survival game set in a Tron-like cyberworld in the future. Fight against a plethora of forms, each with their own size and powers. As you continue, you may equip different weapons and unlock various forms for your character. Survive for as long as possible.


- Move by mouse
- Left mouse to use skill
- Right mouse to pause

How to Play

Shoot down your adversaries.
Move around the neon-lit arena, smashing opponent forms and collecting points. To activate your unique ability, left-click. The beginning form includes a bomb to help you get out of tight spots.

Upgrade and add cannons.
Shoot green forms and collect them to level up your character. For maximum effect, you may install cannons around your whole body and earn unique upgrades like freeze and shotgun.

Discover new forms.
When you level up, your form changes. New forms have distinct special powers such as scattershot, beam, and huge grenade.

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