City of Psychos

City of Psychos is a third-person shooter game in which the entire globe has been afflicted by a virus that affects brain cells. Infected persons will become violent, rageful, and psychologically disturbed. As the survivor, try to dodge these groups of insane individuals, or they will start following and assaulting you. On your trip to the secure area, gather weapons, money, and first-aid supplies.


- Arrow keys / WASD to move
- Left mouse to shoot
- Right mouse to aim
- Mouse wheel / 1-2  key to change weapon
- X key to remove weapon
- Hold left-shift to run
- Space to jump


- A well-developed city that is enjoyable to explore
- Fights against psychos who resemble zombies
- Elements of Survival Games
- Various sorts of foes
- Realistic weapon behavior Addicting gameplay
- Simple and straightforward operation

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