Stickman Clans

Stickman Clans is a 2D strategy game with an engrossing campaign and exciting online multiplayer combat. With new units and strong improvements, you can defend your castle and king, mine energy, and ready your stick figure army for the supreme assault.

 Control: Use LMB to play


—A comprehensive initiative of convincing themes from around the world 
— Unlock new divisions and strengthen the army and defenses 
— Take the army online and engage in real-time battles with other players 
— Excellent 2D graphics and an epic, exclusive soundtrack 
Stick Wars Legacy 2 was formerly known as

Finish the Campaign

The Stickman Clans HTML5 campaign transports you through time and space. Each level has a unique theme, such as Samurai, Arabian Nights, Rome, or Mars. There is a long progression line to immerse yourself in, with over 20 specific tasks to complete. Every campaign battle's goal is to destroy the enemy's tower.

Increase the Strength of The Army

In the armory, you can improve the permanent stats of your army and miners, allowing you to create quicker, stronger armies to overpower enemy troops. You can also go to the shop to buy temporary magic buffs that do everything from speed up digging to calling a mighty giant to assist you on the battlefield.

Survival Mode

Survival mode brings the army to the test by bombarding it with waves of attacks. The more gold you win for improving your soldiers and towers, the longer you can withstand the onslaught of units.

Take the Fight Online

With online multiplayer, you can hop right into the action to see how your strategy abilities and perks do in real-time fights with other players.