Warfare 1917


Warfare 1917 is an enjoyable strategy, tactics, and war game. You are a military commander in World War I, and it is your responsibility to direct your troops and lead them to victory. You should upgrade your units before each battle. During a fight, you must deploy your forces to the trenches and assist them in moving through the frontline in order to beat the enemy. When you have a certain number of soldiers in one place, the troops will advance.

Maintain pressure on your adversary when moving your forces forward. To advance, you must use a variety of troops; don't just use one kind of troop; consider using everything at your disposal, such as riflemen, attack troopers, and mortar troopers.  Even, don't forget to use your unique skills, such as a mortar attack. This game is both entertaining and tactical, and it will force you to reconsider your troop deployment and choices!


Control: To play, use the left mouse button.


—Many different types of units can be deployed 
—If you level up, you can purchase improvements 
— Plan the strategy thoroughly and establish the combat flow 
— Custom battles are possible.

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