Dragon Vice City


Dragon Vice City is the ultimate simulator game in which you take command of a fearsome dragon! This is your opportunity to wreak havoc on a neighborhood, flying from street to street leaving a trail of flaming devastation in your path.

You can still drive a car or a motorcycle in this game, but we highly recommend trying out the fire breathing dragon; it's strangely rewarding to breathe fire at anything in sight. You will have a lot of fun playing this game and you are totally free to do anything you want.


WASD or arrow keys to pass 
Left click to aim a fireball 
Right click to breathe fire 
1,2,3 keys to switch from walking to running 
F key to communicate


—GTA-style gaming with a dragon 
—Unrestricted roaming A large area to visit 
— Other vehicles and motorcycles that can be stolen 
— 3D graphics that move smoothly

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