Stick Tank Wars 2

Get ready to compete explosively in Stick Tank Wars 2. The rustling tanks fill the air, and you should be on the fighting ground. Your competitors are highly tenacious and should never be underestimated. Are you ready with all your moves to gain points and win?

Control: Mouse


— 2D graphical colors 
— 4 different tanks for unlocking and using 
— 4 different rockets for unlocking and using
— Two various types of game 
— Intuitive controls
— Gameplay entertaining

 Wars cannot be won easily, but success is guaranteed as the greatest soldier that your army gives! Your goal is to win against your opponent every round in this game. The tank operates takes real-world training, but it's as simple as clicking on the screen in this game to blast stuff up with your war machine! You can play the game using a mouse, therefore you may start the main menu by clicking on the play button. There are two difficulties, if you play for the first time you should start with the simple one. Click and drag your mouse on the screen to assault your opponent to modify the shot target and power. Try to do it successfully because each round has many various difficulties. The health clinic is at the top of the screen, along with your enemy. With each win, you gain points and are able to spend them to open up new items from the game store.

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