Stick Duel: Medieval Wars

In Stick Duel: Medieval Wars, give up all hope, you who are coming into this place. Confront your opponent and overcome it, for that is the only way out of it. If your opponent is not strong enough to confront and defeat, succeed in the dark! Have courage, lethal! Have courage! The struggle will start!

Control: You use the A-D keys on the left side of the screen to control the player. Players to the right side with arrow keys.


— Two-player game, playable as a single player 
— Nice 2D visuals
— Medieval arms

Welcome to Stick Duel: Medieval Wars, warrior, to the honor and glory battle! You're going to enter the arena. Will you meet the head of death on? In this game, your goal is to face and kill your adversary to win. The one who kills his adversary 5 times wins the game. You may play CPU or a buddy to prove you don't have the same! A-D keys can play on the first player, and arrow keys can be used by the other player. So; take with you your sword, axis, and spear, and lead us to the warfare! You have to maneuver and attack your adversary. You can try to more easily win your opponent's head, and he will fight back! On the top of your screen, you can see your health bar and the health bar of your adversary. Don't quit up, even if you lose! More struggles are about to come! 

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