Stickman Destruction 3 Heroes

Stickman Destruction 3 Heroes is an adventure game of ragdoll physics. Crash the stickman through hurdles, sending him tumbling down stairwells and through walls into unsuspecting pedestrians. To gain the most gold, cause as much damage as possible!

 Control: Use left mouse to play


—Send the stickman on a path of devastation 
—Unlock cars to make an even bigger effect 
—Various levels with varying damage setups 
— A plethora of props to use in order to do full damage

Cause Carnage 
Stickman Destruction 3 Heroes is all about causing maximum damage on your stickman and everything in his path. The outcomes can vary based on how much power you add, as well as a dash of chance. You should experiment with different starting places for your character and see what creates the most havoc.

Extra-high effects play out in slow motion for your entertainment.

Purchase Upgrades
The points you get at the end of each stage add up. You can use your gold points to purchase new cars that significantly improve your damage potential. You can also eject from the car and launch yourself through walls and other props.

You will use your hard-earned gold to buy stages, characters, and accessories to build the ultimate stickman apocalypse scenario for your entertainment. Why not blow him up with TNT? It is possible, but you must work your way up to that degree of firepower.

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