Parkour GO

Parkour Go is a 3D parkour game in which you use your acrobatic skills to overcome different obstacles on foot. Scale them easily and expertly to the finish line.


—Jump: spacebar 
—Move: WASD
ESC —Pause 
—Slide: C 
—Toggle between 3rd and 1st person perspectives, use the following commands: V


—Train your skills and complete parkour courses 
—Switch between third and first-person views 
—Thrilling experience thanks to well-designed stages and game mechanics 
—Fantastic 3D graphics

How to Play

Jump, sprint, roll, and climb complex obstacle courses that put your free-running skills to the test. There are areas where you can roam freely and try out tricks, as well as courses with checkpoints that follow a predetermined direction from start to finish. Any level of Parkour: GO awards stars depending on the time it takes to complete the map.

There are several ways to get through, ranging from climbing up walls to slipping under narrow spaces. To find the best perspective, press V to turn between third and first person!

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