Awesome Tanks 2

Awesome Tanks 2 is a tank fighting game-focused shooting. In this match, you drive onto the field of the adversaries a super tank race. Could your formidable weaponry destroy all the enemies? Now join the tank fight!


- WASD/Arrow keys to move
- Left-click to shoot
- Keys 1 to 9 to choose the weapon

The first thing I have to say about Awesome Tanks 2 is it's amazing to play, average game system, and natural controls. AT2 shows how to make the game closer to "AWESOME," which is the title. Awesome Tank 2 is a huge shift to a bigger extent than just a follow-up. In all respects, the tale does not continue and the game itself has not really changed. Enhanced aesthetics, more encounters, more levels, and more redesigns are included, basically the first Awesome Tanks with much more stuff. Streak game spin-offs may be one of 2 things. A really blue spin-off, which starts off as shown in the original game (usually, immediately after the main game is over), and the second type of spin-off, which is effectively a version 2 of the original game. Awesome tanks 2 are not a true continuation but a version 2.

The hitch with "improved versions" is that the enhanced ones reliably turn the original game into something else. instead of real continuations. So we will stay right away, if you didn't try the main game Awesome Tanks 2, skip it and play it. All that offered the main game is much greater here. It's the same game, the same premise and improvements apart, it's the same game. As if we just assume that if you manufacture Awesome Tanks 2, it's a big step ahead of the two first.

The game is a terrific shooter for those of you who are not familiar with AT2. In a two-dimensional shooter, you take control of a tank. The WASD or directional keys of the console let you manipulate and maneuver your tank – so you may place yourself on the path in important locations (to get great vantage indicates and evade adversary fire). The mouse allows you to point and shoot any kind of bearing for any purpose.

In all, is the Awesome Tanks 2 game as wonderful as the title suggests? Almost all the time, nonetheless, the drawings are certainly not precisely sophisticated and it's preferable to gander. New weapons are also to be played (and new enemies have to fire them!) and the stage layout has become much more sensitive. This is an unambiguous step upward in quality when you appreciate the main. Also, simply play this one if you haven't played the major.

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