Xtreme Motorbikes


Xtreme Motorbikes is a free 3D motorcycle racing game for PC and mobile devices. The game features 25 customisable motorcycles to ride in different open-world maps, as well as a variety of mini-tasks that enable players to earn money for better motorcycles and equipment. Xtreme Motorbikes is one of the best motorcycle games available online right now. You will also enjoy a trip of freedom around the world with police, pedestrians, and traffic, in addition to the addictive cool mini tasks inside where you can run, conquer obstacles, do freestyle, and many others. The motorbikes allow you to have a lot of fun thanks to their powerful brakes, fast steering, and easy rear-wheel riding.

 Control: Arrowkeys to move, G to Slow motion, F to ride on real wheelie, Space to front brake, L to lights, Z to indicator lights and use mouse

Features of the Game

 - Simulates every aspect of motorcycle activity with practical physics.
 - 2 scooters and 23 strong, thrilling, and intricately detailed sport motorcycles
 - Customized motorcycles - frame, paint, rims, lights, and tire smoke
 - Sounds of a realistic engine
 - Turbocharger, transmission, and tire noises
 - Realistic 3D graphics with four distinct levels of detail
 - Slow motion drift
 - Adjust your passenger and rider.

**Xtreme Motorbikes on Google Play Xtreme Motorbikes in the Web Browser (Android)
**Xtreme Motorbikes is available on the App Store (iOS)

  Reports of bugs

Bugs and problems in the game can be identified using the feedback form or in the comments.

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