Red Man Imposter


Red Man Imposter is a 15-level 2D platform puzzle game in which the player's objective is to pick up a diamond hidden in a difficult-to-reach spot. The player helps to build some of the stages. Every level map is made up of pixels in various free colors such as black, grey, and light blue. Black pixels are solid pixels that a player can walk around on, similar to those found on the ground. Grey pixels are pixes that a player can walk through; if a player passes through them, they are replaced with light blue pixels; if a player stands on some black pixel again, all of the light blue pixels are replaced with black pixels, resulting in the current solid ground. The goal here is to find the best way to build new ground without being stuck within it. There are a total of 15 levels in the game.

 Control: WADS to move, W+W to double jump, R to restart

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