royalesurvival-io is a fast-paced arena survival game. You'll be stuck on a map that diminishes as the game progresses in this minimalist clicker game. You must search for things and weapons to protect yourself, as well as gather various resources to build and develop useful places and objects for gameplay. This game rewards clever players who can plan ahead and manage their resources well in order to generate the things and barriers required to win. The game also rewards players who can think quickly on their feet and react to tactical threats as they appear.

Finally, this is a survival game, thus fighting against other players' attacks and launching your own is unavoidable. You will be required to erect boundaries and borders, as well as to resist or defend them as necessary. Royale is a difficult yet fair game that will test your assumptions about what it means to play games. The minimalistic aesthetic is lovely at first, but as the game progresses, you'll realize that those spheres with two eyes and the holographic green grass are nothing more than dangers and impediments to your own triumph.

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- To move, use WASD or arrow keys.
- F to pick up things, R to reload
- 1-6 to change your tools
- X to switch to bare hands
- Aiming using the mouse cursor
- To melee attack, fire, or deploy medicine kits, use the left mouse button.
- M key: displays the whole minimap