Castle Wars: New Era

Castle Wars: New Era - New Era is a more contemporary version of the Castle Wars series, a 2-player castle warfare game, with industrial weaponry and equipment.

The third episode of Castel Wars is now available! Modern weaponry, new terrain, and the new mode Mayhem are all now playable. With the latest episode, you may test different industrial revolution weaponry and equipment. Try out new weapons and strategies right now. In Mayhem mode, you must fight in difficult situations and attempt to stay alive. Zombie Mode now has a new look, and zombies now only come from one direction. Challenge one or two players to break your records!


Blue Player: WAD keys to move and jump, S keys to place blocks, E key to attack, Q key to change weapons.

Red Player: Arrow keys to move and jump, down arrow to place blocks, Space to attack, M key to change weapons.

Castle Wars: New Era's video walkthrough:

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