Short Life


Short Life is a fun physics-based platformer with a twist. You control a ragdoll in this game and must guide him through 16 levels. The levels are gory and dangerous. Each level's aim is to keep the ragdoll safe in order to earn all three stars. Keep an eye out for the murderous pitfalls when playing this game. For example, in the first level of this action game, our hero must avoid a moving spiked arm. In addition, a pipe structure shoots arrows directly at his head. Move slowly and cautiously, and pay attention to the in-game instructions. Our character faces new and inventive challenges and traps as the levels progress, such as rolling barrels and exploding mines. In each level, keep an eye out for different obstacles. Spikes must be avoided, mines must be avoided, and all deadly traps must be avoided. The different traps will damage your hero in unthinkable ways – mines, for example, will shatter your character into tiny gory pieces! This game necessitates excellent timing and reflexes and is a lot of fun!


- To move, use the left and right arrow keys.
- Jump or stand up by pressing the up arrow.
- Press the down arrow to crouch


- There are a lot of traps waiting for you.
- To evade the pitfalls, you can leap, crouch, run, and hold.
- Heroes that can be unlocked
- There are over 15 levels in total.
- There is a fullscreen mode available.
- There are no video ads.

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