You're on a mission as a duck. Many of the ducklings must be rescued from the perils of sea life. Dangers such as irresponsible boat drivers who can collide with you and cause your goals to be completed early. Continue to gather ducklings and safely transport them to your nest. Reach your goals and turn your house into the most dangerous bird nest in the bay.

 Control: Arrows on the mouse/keyboard/joypad

How to Play Ducklings .io

Save Ducklings
Swim across the lake and float by the ducklings to save them. Return the ducklings to the nest. Through each trip, you can save as many ducklings as you want. Your nest is upgraded every time you meet the desired number of ducklings. Rep the method of saving ducklings before the nest has developed into a formidable duck fortress.

Avoid Danger!
In, you're not lonely. Other ducks are still competing to save the ducklings, and they would not hesitate to steal the hard-won ducklings. Keep an eye out for sly ducks to avoid being struck by a ferry. It's game over if you get hit by a ferry!

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