Rullo is a basic arithmetic jigsaw puzzle that has a number board. The aim is to match each row and column with the number in each column to the answer in the box. You have to delete some integers by clicking on them from the equation. It seems easy, but it needs a lot of thought.

Control: Mouse

The sizes of the board vary from 5 to 8 to 8. Three difficulty levels are now available: 1-9, 2-4, and 1-19. 1-9 signifies that the calculation numbers vary between 1 and 9.


Two game modes are available: Classic and Endless. You may pick whatever board size and the problem you wish to play in classic mode. You will have a random size and difficulty problem in Endless mode. You will register your total victories in any mode. The problem has been produced by random means that you never bother to play.

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