Drift Boss

Drift boss is a drifting game using one button. Drive your car through challenging turns and bumps until you tumble off the platform. Continue to play for rewards and unlock better automobiles!

Control: To drift to the right, use the left mouse or the space bar.


—Easy to play with one-button controls 
— Unlockable improved cars 
— Progress is paid daily

How to play:

A simple, straightforward game called Drift Boss. You just need to click right to operate the automobile and release the left button.

However, it is crucial to stay on the platform to look forward and forward. You'll have to make up for certain difficult locations, such as humps if you round corners. There are also narrower platforms that demand accurate judgment while switching.


The more Drift Boss you play, the simpler it to avoid the platform. The game is rewarding you for your success in numerous ways.

Daily rewards: return for a fresh daily prize every day.

Spin to win - spin to win rewards is random awards that can happen in the game at any time.

These prizes include boosters or coins, from boosters to automobiles that you may use to buy. Boosters give benefits to increase your performance at the beginning of each game. These feature double score, auto insurance, and coin rush, just for one ride.

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