Chainsaw Dance

Chainsaw Dance is a free anime-inspired Rhythm game of Chainsaw Manga. Take a look at a variety of challenging things and hold the fitness bar up to life! Chainsaw Dance is influenced by Friday Night's viral game Funkin' and shares music together as well.

Control: Default keys: D-F-J-K. The buttons can be configured in the Settings


— Pixels reminiscent of the old arcade 
— Based on the iconic manga series Chainsaw Man 
— Many groovy paths to 'foster' the spirit 
— Simple and difficult modes with adjustable keys

How to play:

Select your Denji or Koben character! Then hit the play button, choose a song and 'go'! For each track, you can choose between simple or hard mode. Combine as many arrows as possible to the beat, and don't risk your whole health!

Adjust them into something more preferable when setting the game if the default controls are not comfortable for you.

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