Disc Us

Disc Us is an online cooperative deduction multiplayer game in which you have to work to live together. The inspiration for this game is the famous one, Among us, but with different mechanisms. It's not over until the game ends at Disc Us. You resurrect in the middle core if you're murdered. You will continue to get voted out by asking other players to use the key to unlock your prison if you are voted out.


- WSAD or arrow keys to move
- Space to interact


If a traitor disk is assigned, you must do whatever you can to prevent other players from carrying out their duties. The following should be done:

—Are you able to transfer and/or hide oxygen tanks from the oxygen floor.
—You can repeatedly disable them by turning the space bar button into a disk.
— You can get Orbs out of their quarters 
—Make life harder for these people. But do not get trapped or suspect them.

 You have to be fast to put objects to the right location if you are assigned to be scientists. Orbs are going to the top room of the middle floor, Oxygen Hub. Traitor Disc also can remove them from the board, but be careful when the O2 count falls. In any farside/corner space, the trash (banana peel) is sent into the trash wind. Orb Pedestals are already in the orbs space. Put them there and Traitor Discs will not be able to pull them out. They will be safe. If you suspect any players or require a break, just click the Center Hub Red button.

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