Jet Rush


Jet Rush is a fantastic arcade-style platform game. You fly a high-tech jet aircraft and have to pilot it through several difficult routes and obstacles. The controls for driving your jet are easy. However, the gameplay is simply easy! You must work very hard to overcome the challenges and overcome every level of your plane's altitude.

You'll meet rotating platforms, tight corners, and several curves – you'll have to respond fast to keep your jets under control to prevent crashes. As the levels advance, you earn coins – you can buy new jet models and enhancements with those coins! Why not try Tunnel Rush, which has a similar adrenaline experience, if you like this title?


Control: To steer, use A, D keys or left, right arrow keys


— Rapid urban jet touring game to escape different platforms 
— Various challenges as you journey a certain distance 
— Collectible loans for the purchase of new jets and artifacts 
— Your biggest record can be seen 
— Experience full-screen

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