Friday Night Funkin'


Friday Night Funkin' is a rhythm game in which you participate in freestyle music fights. To outdo your adversaries and enjoy the cool beats, click the arrow keys in sync with the music!

 Control: Use WASD or arrow keys to play

Playing Directions: Complete the tutorial level to begin advancing through the plot, or go to free play mode to play against any of the game's story characters. In story mode, you can choose the level of difficulty that is appropriate for your skill level.

Theme songs
The game contains many new, original songs to play along with, varying from simple to challenging. KawaiSprite produced the original soundtrack for Friday Night Funkin' (Isaac Garcia).

Continuous Improvement:
Friday Night Funkin' is an open-source game with a vibrant developer community and a plethora of fan-created mods that improve the gameplay. Along with mods created by die-hard supporters, the official developers can add more weeks and content as time goes on.


- Original songs and styles ranging from nu-jazz to Vocaloid dance beats
- Extensive work mode with a plethora of distinct characters
- Difficulty levels range from easy to challenging, depending on the rhythmic skill.
- Awesome B-Boy visuals from the 1990s

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