ZombiesWithGuns.io is an excellent multiplayer deathmatch game with appealing graphics and first-person action. The aim is simple: get the most kills!

To increase your rank, kill other zombie players in the arena and eat their brains. You can adjust your zombie skin as well as your arms loadout. Test your skills in the ZombiesWithGuns arena!



WASD or arrow keys for movement 
Left mouse button for shooting 
Right mouse button for aiming down sights 
Shift for sprinting 
—Press ESC to access the menu, where you can choose a new gun, skin, and rebind controls.


—A blocky online zombie FPS game with changeable skins and arm loadouts 
—Deathmatch gameplay with collectible brains of fallen adversaries 
—This game can be played in fullscreen mode.

How to play: The round is won by the player with the most kills. Consume the brains of other players to obtain a shield that protects you from injury. To increase gun accuracy, aim down sights and shoot short bursts if your objective is far away.

Sign in to choose a name, save long-term stats, and be included on the Leaderboards.

Tips/Tricks :

—If you're having 60 frames per second, you might be able to increase the graphics levels to high.
—Headshots are much more lethal.
—Aiming down sights is critical; otherwise, the bullet distribution is out of control!
—Bunny hop: Hold the ground and keep hopping to gain height - but keep in mind that weapons are much less effective in the air.
—SMG - best recoil control and portability. It's not great at long range, so get in close or shoot tiny bursts at long range.
—AK - has a high damage, accuracy, and recoil. For performance, trigger discipline and aiming down sights are needed.
—Sniper - slow shots with the highest damage. If your target is fine, you can take a fatal headshot (or 2 shots if the player has shields). When shooting down sights, this pistol is very precise, but not at all when hip firing.
—Aiming down sights slows you down, giving you quiet footsteps for creeping around.

You could die if you slip into the sea.

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