Nullstar-io, like, is a massively multiplayer asteroid-style game set in a huge universe. It's a friendly casual game that's simple to learn. There are no confusing menus or ship update routes to contend with. It is completely free to play and needs no download or registration. There are several servers available, and players can connect from anywhere in the world. You can also play against AI ships in a solo practice mode. There is no noise.

 Control: Navigate your ship across a hazardous asteroid field using keyboard controls (WADS or arrows). To fuel your rocket, collect "stardust" crystals. To unleash more stardust, destroy the asteroids (using the Space bar or Shift). Using the H key, you can hyperspace away from hazard.


—Mine the asteroids to maximize the size and score of your rocket.
—When you first set out, certain asteroids are too large to mine.
—The larger your ship, the more powerful it is. Some areas of the game are only available to the biggest ships.
—It should be noted that although battling other ships is an opportunity, it is not necessary. Cooperation is another feasible option.
—Friendly ships will be identified with a "heart" symbol.
—Ships that behave too violently would be labeled as "devils."

Your ship is outfitted with:

—Auto-upgrade uses stardust to grow your ship's size and strength. —Auto-repair uses stardust to repair damage.
—Basic asteroids mining gun (or defend from native UFOs or other ships)
—Emergency hyperspace to escape to a random location —Interia-less push to ride gravity-free

  Nullstario is a free two-dimensional shooter online. You mix the addicting and strong worlds of slither with asteroids in this thrilling game. This is a straightforward and enjoyable top-down shooter that mixes the best aspects of all free arena sports. This is a top-down shooter game in 2-D in which you are the pilot of a spacecraft that must dodge asteroids and other pilots that are armed to the teeth with laser-powered missiles who are out to take down and kill a pilot like you. To access resources, blow up asteroids. The more asteroids you collect, the bigger, quicker, and more powerful your laser canons get.

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