Starblast io

Starblast io is an extremely addictive space-themed shooter where you control a small, basic ship to start and harvest gems to increase your stats. Once you've maximized the stats available for a particular ship, you'll have the option of evolving your model into a different type of spaceship with a different type of weapon kit/overall stats. Shoot asteroids for resources and work together with your teammates to ensure victory.

Screen size: 690x400 and full screen

Platforms: Web browser, Android, iOS, Steam

Control: Arrow keys to drive, LMB to shoot

  This game offers 2 options for each action, you can control your ship with the arrow keys and shoot with the space bar, or you can use the mouse. When you use the mouse that you move while holding down the right mouse button and dragging it while shooting with the left mouse button, I personally prefer this option because you have clearer control over your movements.


  This game can be played passively, avoiding other players and cultivating gems until you are strong enough to fight yourself or you can play aggressively and try to attack people as they roam or farming, this is certainly more interesting opinion. In my personal encounters with the game, it seems like on the big ships there are often comrades joining them out of fear of destruction, or just people they know, so I should try Try to make game friends or bring a friend!

The purpose of the game

  In the game you shoot asteroids and enemies to collect crystals. With these crystals, you can upgrade your ships, buy new ships and buy more lives for those you already have.

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