Starve io

Starve io games has a dynamic game world that changes with time and seasons. Day turns to night, and autumn turns to winter. With these changes comes new challenges: mobs that reflect climate and temperature changes require different survival strategies. Build your score by becoming the most famous survivor of the land, tapping resources to fit a key goal: Survive at all costs. Long live the legend!


  • Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • LEFT-CLICK to collect resources, craft and fight
  1. A dynamic game world with realistic survival conditions
  2. Multiplayer game - partner with others to survive
  3. Six game modes to explore and master
  4. Large biomes and manufacturing opportunities

Developer: Starveio is a game by LapaMauve, who also created Limax io and Oib io.

How to survive in Starve io games:

   Depends on meeting your needs and avoiding danger. You must be nourished with food and drink, kept warm and breathe oxygen. You have four bars for the main elements of survival along with your health bar, it starts to decline if the four basic needs are not met.

There are aggressive mobs that will attack you, as well as other players occasionally, so you need to be equipped and ready to fight. You can improve your chances of survival by creating useful items, nurturing and building a solid defense system.


Crafting offers you most of the game items. However, many items are obtained via drops mob and so are Chrono missions. Mostly, mobs drop food items and quests that provide unique resources that you can use to make better equipment.


Manufacturing in usually requires the workstation and the resources needed to create the desired item. In special cases, the workstation may not be necessary to manufacture, ie, no workstation is required to build the workstation.

Crafting is an important part of's game mechanics, and a large part of what makes the game so fun to play. You can gather resources from a variety of natural communities and sediments to create better weapons, tools, armor, food, and structures to empower you as a master of the game. play. Agricultural structures such as windmills can also be built, automating the production of flour, which is used to create food for survival.

Game modes

  There are several game modes with their own unique twist. Here are all Starve io game modes:

- Normal regime - survive and explore in normal biomes.
- Forest mode - exists in the largest forest.
- Community - server customized user.
- Zombie mode - play as a zombie or prepare your defense and survive the zombie apocalypse.
- Vampires mode - breed during the day and use garlic against vampires, or breed at night and avoid daylight.
- Test - your score is not saved on the rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- How do you craft in Starveio?
Most items require a desk, crafted with 20 wood and 10 stones.

- How do I create my own server in Starveio?
You must purchase a separate server in the game.

- How long is a day at Starve io game?
One day is 4 minutes, one night is 4 minutes. So the total day / night cycle is 8 minutes.

- What are some survival tips of
Make a wooden pickaxe and grab the berries quickly
Avoid all dangers soon
Build bases as soon as you can
Team up with other players

- What are some essential recipes in Starve io?
Wooden pickaxe - 15 wood
Campfire - 30 wood and 5 stones
Working table - 40 wood and 20 stones

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