areena-io is a wild io game in which you must battle as many arenas as possible! However, there is plenty to do in this open-world game. Go on missions, purchase everything in the store, and engage with the various objects scattered across the map. Discover all of's rivals! Others are only available in stadiums, and others are only found in other places, so unlock it to see all of your choices. Another tip: make sure you're strong enough to survive the arena battle, because if you die, you'll lose everything. You can prevent this by playing baby mode, but there is no incentive at the end. 


W, A, S, D or the arrow keys are used to move.
E - communicate
Space/Left press - strike with arm mounted
Mouse - use to access menus

You should adjust the keybind for connect in the settings if you don't like it.


—Adventure game focused on quests 
—Buyable arms and armors 
—Each weapon has a special attacking function 
—Arena to complete challenges

  Areena io is an online adventure game in which you must complete a variety of difficult quests. It contains RPG elements, and you can buy various weapons and armour to help you excel.
The planet is your oyster, and you can go wherever your feet lead you. You must be cautious and vigilant, though, because if you die, you will lose all of your gains and must begin anew!

How to win:

  To complete the game, you must purchase all of the items in the store, destroy all of the arenas, and finish all of the quests. You would miss all progress if you die in the field, so I will do it second. Since the quests are planned to be simpler, I will finish them all first. You can do them as many times as you want, there is a prize for finishing them, and each stage has several quests. After finishing the missions, you should have enough money to purchase some armour and weapons for the arena, which is what I will do. You should be able to buy everything and finish the game after finishing the arenas! If you don't have enough money after finishing all of the arenas and quests, I'd offer you money from the highest stage I've activated. There are also little opportunities to raise money around the stage, and I will participate in them as well. That's all the advice I have; good luck and have fun!

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