Extermination is an excellent shooting game in which you must attempt to kill any opponent on each level. You control a basic character by moving with the WASD keys, and you must be fast, agile, and use the walls as protection. Since you only have a limited amount of impact points, try to take as little damage as possible; if the damage gets too great, you will die.

As you advance, you must earn money and use it to buy new weapons and tools to help your character become stronger and live for a longer period of time. Will you finish all of the levels and exterminate all of your enemies?


 Control: Using WASD or the arrow keys to switch. To pick up arms on the street, press Space. You should fire with the mouse and shoot with the left mouse button.


—2D shooter game with pixel graphics 
—Many enemies with varying levels of power and arms 
—Buyable weapons and equipment 
—Every opponent's shooting delay is visible 
— There are a lot of difficult levels to enjoy.

   Extermination.io is an io game in which you must exterminate all! Play through several different stages, purchase updates, prepare your loadout, and enter combat. There are a lot of weapons to make gameplay more exciting, and you can also enter battle without a sword. Armor can be purchased in the store to protect against enemies. You can only wear one helmet and one torso component at a time. Extermination io also has a full-featured level editor, allowing you to create and share your own levels for others to play.

   It is critical to handle your money in this game. If you die, you will lose a significant portion of your income, so you should purchase goods as soon as possible. Furthermore, there are powerful weapons in the game, but they are all worthless if you do not have defense. It is critical to understand how much armour you need so that you can spend the rest of your money on cool weapons.

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