Traitors-io is a top-down stealth shooter with rounds. Hide in the decoys and strike unsuspecting adversaries. To outwit and outstealth the enemies, use a range of powerups and stage hazards. Games will range from tense one-on-one battles to epic eight-player arenas.


Left click to move
- Right click / Q to fire 
Space / W to trigger powerups


- At the start of the session, you have 10 bullets. When you are not firing, bullets slowly recharge over time. But keep in mind that firing would disclose your location to all of your rivals.
- Every 35 seconds, all actual players, as well as three decoys, will be illuminated. And if there are more players in the game, only three decoys can ever be highlighted.
- If you manage to destroy a real player, your range will be expanded, as shown by the size of your range ring.
- After a player dies, their name in the upper left corner would grey out. You win the round because all of the other players are dead. The match is won by the first player to four points.


- In a 1v1 situation, hiding is normally the best option. In larger games, playing more actively will also improve.
- Picking off enemies close powerups and then grabbing them for yourself is a good strategy. 
- Get a kill, then use a stealth powerup to blend back into the crowd. Some fighting powerups, such as shotgun and rapid fire, have insanely powerful effects. Make it a top priority to obtain them at all costs.


- Bots that have been programmed from the ground up to behave like human players and be enjoyable to play against. 
- Bots will never hack and will only remember what players do on the board.

Bot Levels:

1) Methods are chosen at random. Shoots at random. Poor recall of enemy positions.
2) Selects methods less arbitrarily. Shoots less erratically. Improved recall of enemy positions.
3) Selects methods on the basis of logic. Shoots at the players Will avoid bullets. Best adversary place recall (does not improve past this point)
4) Even greater decision-making abilities. Predictive shooting is used to save ammunition. Predictive dodging is used.
5) Employs greater foresight in shooting. Predictive dodging is used more often.

Powerups and map events:

Powerups for Stealth: (Starting with Stealth, powerups for battle alternate.) a 10% chance of receiving two stealth / battle powerups in a row)

Invisibility (Blue)
The spawning rate is 30%. (has an additional 75 percent chance to be the first powerup until round 3)
Effect: For a single use only: For 7.5 seconds, the consumer becomes invisible. When the user reappears, two decoys appear on the map at random.

Deceiver (Aqua)
spawning rate: 15%
The score is: Using just once: Spawns 5 decoys at the user's position, each one slightly different from the user's movement. Adjusts the user's movement by a random number as well.

Teleportation (Light Purple)
The spawning rate is 3%.
The score is: Using just once: The user is teleported to their mouse location. In addition, four decoys are spawned at random locations.

A total blackout (Black)
The spawning rate is 2%.
The score is: One-time use: Hides the game for a brief period of time.

Combat Enhancements:
A shield (Green)
spawning rate: 19%
Effect: Provides the user with a shield that absorbs a single shot and lasts 30 seconds. It also has anti-poison protection. May not have protection against re-death zones. Should it be?

A selection (Purple)
The spawning rate is 11%.
Increases the user's shooting range. This shot update stacks with other shot updates. This is the same bonus as when you get a kill. There is no upper limit of shot length.

The shotgun (Red)
The spawning rate is 5%.
Effect: Converts the user's shot into a shotgun that fires six shots in a cone. This shot update stacks with other shot updates.

Radar Shots(Red)
The spawning rate is 5%.
Effect: Adds a radar pulse that shows other players anywhere the user's bullets land. This shot update stacks with other shot updates. The effect of stacking several radar shots is a greater pulse.

Spawn Rate for Rapid Fire (Orange): 4%
The effect is infinite ammo and a shorter time between shoots.

Rapidity (Green)
The spawning rate is 3%.
You have a quick reaction time.

Expose (Red)
The spawning rate is 3%.
Effect: For a long time, highlights all enemies (no decoys are highlighted). Both players will see the highlights. The user's name is not highlighted.

Shot with super poison (Dark Green)
Spawn Rate: One of the first two powerups cannot be one of the first two powerups. You won't be able to spawn until round 3. Each game, you can only spawn once. Very rare!
Impact: Adds a poison explosion with a field of effect anywhere the user's bullets land. Enemies and decoys trapped in the blast have 10 seconds to survive. Poison is not able to reach shielded opponents. Bullets will continue to land and injure as normal.

Events on the Map:

Reveal Threats: For 6 seconds, highlights all players and three decoys.
Spawn Rate: 18 seconds in the first round, then 35 seconds before the end of the round.

Powerup: After a 5-second spawn animation, a powerup appears at a random spot, most likely in the middle. If the game's walls have begun to close in on you, the powerup will still be in the middle.
Rate of spawning: (20 - 50) seconds (speeds up in later rounds min: 20 seconds)

Death Zone: Creates a slowly expanding zone that eliminates all actual players before collapsing. Each zone that spawns would be greater than the previous one.
Rate of spawning: (40 - 100) seconds (speeds up in later rounds min: 19 seconds)

Mini Death Zone: Creates a zone that eventually expands and destroys all actual players but does not collapse. More would be spawned at once in later rounds.
(70 - 210) seconds to spawn (only about 25 percent of games will use mini death zones)

Scan Bar: From the top, a dropping zone appears, highlighting all the players it runs through.
Rate of spawning: (30 - 150) seconds (only about 40 percent of games will use scan bars)

Invis Field: Creates a blue zone that masks both teams and decoys.
Rate of spawning: (45 - 200) seconds (only about 25 percent of games will use invis fields)

Walls close in: The game's walls begin to close in. Decoys can travel through the walls, but players are unable to do so.
(100 - 200) seconds to spawn (speeds up in later rounds)

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