Yorg.io is a fun base building game in which you must try to defend against waves of incoming zombies and other players! You must first construct extractors to gather raw materials before you can develop defensive structures and extend your foundation. Build the extractors and link them to form an effective network of resource centers to ensure a constant flow of profits.

If you have a consistent source of revenue, you will begin erecting protective mechanisms to defend your foundation from zombies. Towers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including cannons and arrow towers. Continue generating resources, constructing your foundations, and putting up the best battle you can!

 Control: To position a house, use the left mouse button.


- A fun defense game with resource control and base construction gameplay 
- You must control the supply chain and ensure that every item is handled efficiently 
- Defensive buildings to attack the zombies 
- You can construct walls to defend your base
- Buildings that can be upgraded to improve their capability

   The game YORG.io is about supply chains and zombies. Your aim is to build a foundation that can withstand zombie attacks during the night. Build defense towers to keep your foundation secured.

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