is an iogame that you can enjoy for free. Welcome to the perilous environment of the medieval-style online fighting game You'll spawn in the middle of an arena, armed only with your crown, castle, and the sword you'll need to protect them. Hack and stab your way through enemies, but don't overdo it. You'll have to protect your fortress from dangerous attackers who try to usurp your kingdom and replace it with their own. Go out into the world and destroy some crates to level up the different stats. You will increase your total health bar, as well as recover from hits, increase the pace at which your health bar regenerates, increase the speed at which your little king marches through the battlefield, increase the speed at which your little king attacks, and increase the amount of damage your weapon does during these fights. Finally, you can improve your castle's defensive mechanisms, allowing you to enter the arena and defeat your opponents. Defend your castle thus destroying your enemies to become King of the realm!


- WASD or arrow keys are used to switch.
- Attack: Left or right mouse click

When you level up, you earn special points that you can use to upgrade the following:

- Max Health – Enhances health.
- Health Regeneration – Accelerates health regeneration.
- Movement Speed – Allows you to travel more rapidly.
- Attack Rate – Allows you to attack more quickly.
- Weapon Damage – Maximize the amount of damage inflicted by your weapon.
- Castle Defense  – Improves the defenses of your castle.


- When you destroy other players, their points are attached to your own.
- It's game over if your castle is lost. So don't wander too far away from it.
- There are only a certain number of special points open, so pick carefully.
- Entering another player's castle will cause you to take harm, so don't stay too long.
- The king must reign forever!

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