Battleships-io is an online action game in which two teams compete in fast-paced sea wars. You can effortlessly enter a game and join either "Team Red" or "Team Blue."

 Control: You power your battleship with the mouse or the WASD keys on the keyboard. To use your special knife, either click the button in the lower right corner or push the SPACE bar.

How to play:

  There are actually two modes: HQ Devastation and Squad Deathmatch. The aim of HQ Destruction is to kill the enemy HQ by driving your own wide sea mine towards the enemy base. To accomplish this task, you must not only kill enemy ships with your canons or torpedoes, but also capture various types of chests that float on the surface. The aim of Team Deathmatch is to kill more enemy ships than the winning team in a certain amount of time.

Gather the following crates:

- Mine crates: They shimmer in your team's color and drive your own mine into the enemy HQ.
- Collect XP crates to upgrade the ship. The more your ship progresses, the more harm it can deal and take.
- Ammunition crates: Each canon fired costs one unit of ammunition, and shooting torpedoes costs five. Ammunition crates must be collected in order to refill the canons and tubing.
- Repair crates: Once the ship's HP reaches zero, it will be destroyed. Gather maintenance crates to help you repair your ship.

Strategy: You should also have two other points in mind if you want to be competitive. Next, based on how long the battle continues, you will be able to resurrect after your ship is sunk. You will lose 5 levels with each respawn. Second, stop energy barriers activation as well as turrets fired at you, as both can seriously harm your ship. So, what are you holding out for? Take the bridge!!

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