Stolk-io is a no-cost iogame. STOLK pits you against other players in a fast-paced battle to see who can be the fastest. You'll be playing as a ping pong ball with a paddle, attempting to catch other balls in an area that should be very familiar to you as a ball, the table tennis table. Evade your rivals' threats and kick them off the table before they knock you off.


- (W) : Move Forward 
- (A) : Move Left 
- (S) : Move Backwards 
- (D) : Move Right 
- (Shift) : Hold for quick raise 
- (LMB) : Move Backwards CLICK to swing the paddle, HOLD to charge up the swing and strike harder.


   Your aim is to knock other players off the edge and rise in size with each player you knock off the edge. Since you are growing heavier, you will find your pace decreasing as you rise. The bigger you get, the more difficult it is for other players to run you down, but you are not invincible.

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