Powerline.io is a multiplayer Snake-inspired.io game in which you play as a flickering line of electricity. This electric fight takes place in an arena where you will be pitted against other Powerlines. Destroy them and gather their energy crystals to grow!

 Control: To switch, use the WASD keys (recommended).

How to play:

It's not easy to survive as a single line of energy, but that's what this game is all about. You die if you step head-first towards yourself, other teams, or the border, just like Snake. If you want to acquire those delectable energy crystals and become the supreme Powerline, you must trap other players and compel them to collide with you. Then you can consume their remaining energy to grow in size and score more points.

Continue to battle for energy crystals in order to enter a higher form. You will rise indefinitely as long as you live, but be warned: if you hit the top of the leaderboard, you will become the electricity king! Being king identifies you against all other hungry Powerlines, which can seek to dethrone you and absorb all of your resources.

When you get close to other Powerlines, you get a burst of energy that you can use to lift. The longer you can remain connected to another Powerline, the higher the boost. You can use it to gain an advantage over other players and trap them if you're fast!

Powerline.io has a chat option that allows you to connect with other Powerlines. T allows you to access a variety of phrases that you can target at other players.

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