SuperSpin is an entertaining spinner io game in which you spin and collect gems to rise. Can't seem to hold still? Could the fingers have a mind of their own? Do you find yourself blinking, flicking your fingers, and searching for something to fill your mind? Maybe SuperSpin is the Agar-style game you're looking for! Spin your way through the hexes, collecting gems as you go to grow tall. Collide with other teams to knock them out, but don't get spun out!


—Control the acceleration with your mouse
—To increase the tempo, press the left mouse button. is a cooperative fidget spinner game inspired by and You can freely configure your fidget spinner's design before the match begins, from the neon hue to the logo.
The most important thing in this game is to collect glowing gems. Through gathering them, you will gradually increase the speed and scale of your spinning! Bump into slower players to destroy them and collect their gems, but beware of faster players who can steal your gems and even kill you if the gap is important. Increase your pace to track down other players and escape faster; it uses your current speed, so keep an eye on it. Begin slowly and gradually collect gems to increase your speed. Avoid needless fights until you're fast enough to compete, and then it's show time!

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