Goldcub-io is a team-based online game. Fight against other teams, gather gold, and level up your base and player.


WASD to move
Left click to attack/pick up the cart 
Right click to use a special skill
Enter to chat

How to play:

—Kill monsters or other players to level up and gain experience points.
—With a wagon, you can gather gold on the ground and transport it to the foundation.
—When the foundation has enough gold, it increases and grants prizes to the whole squad.
—You can take gold from the enemy team's base using a wagon.
—The foundation can be lost if it lacks gold. The last team standing wins.

Classes: Each class has its own set of base stats and special abilities.

—Paladin - can use his shield to deflect enemy strikes. If an attack is stopped, the opponent is stunned.
—Hunter - sets an unseen trap. The opponent would be paralyzed if he is caught.
—Rogue - backstabs deal double injury. The ability accelerates travel.
—Priest - uses main attack to heal friendly players. The ability to produce a soothing aura.
—Warrior - inflicts damage to several adjacent targets. Enemies are stunned by this ability.
—Sorcerer - special skill that generates a damage-dealing field around opponents.

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