CastleWars-io is an active tower-defense game in which you must move your castle in order to chase down some fierce dragons and upgrade it in order to get the strongest arsenals and defenses.


—Use WASD or the arrowkeys to move the castle. 
—Charge your shot with the left mouse button and run with the right mouse button. 
—Upgrade by tapping on the icons or pressing 1, 2, or 3 on the keyboard 
— To begin talking, press enter.


1. Concentrate on obtaining mana orbs at low levels; dragons are difficult to destroy.
2. Make the most of towers and projectiles; walls have excellent protection but can be a hindrance at low levels.
3. Most small and medium towers fire one shot, while large towers fire two.
4. Using Sprint (left mouse button) often at low levels; it recharges quickly.

You will unlock 145 updates in When you die, you lose half of your degrees. This method is designed to stop punishing the player in the same way as other games do, by forcing you to restart from the beginning, which we don't like :(.

Other unlocks are purely aesthetic, so who doesn't want to look as badass as they are? is a free and one-of-a-kind tower defense iogame. In this thrilling action game, you must fly your castle through the clouds in order to defeat dragons, drakes, or other players and their own personalized castles. It's an all-out fight in the sky, and there can only be one victor! Will it be you, or will you fall helplessly to the ground? You can drive your castle about and destroy drakes, dragons, or players, or you can play happily and gather mana orbs for XP. There is no limit level, but after Level 145, you can no longer update your castle. New game patches raise the cap even higher. Each level grants you one upgrade point, which you can use to turn your small town-like castle into the badass citadel from Hell! The gameplay is distinct in that it blends shooting precision with quick reflexes. Inertia and the amount of time you powered up your arrows have an effect on them. Moving and aiming is an excellent strategy for pursuing targets because it allows the arrows to go faster. Each arrow style is distinct and has a particular impact on gameplay (bigger and slower, smaller and faster, etc)

   The Drakes and Dragons on the map scale with your speed, so you'll always have a challenge, but don't worry, you can always stop them by sprinting away (right mouse button)

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