Nullermand-io is a high-octane multiplayer io game. You must capture bullets spread across the map. The bullets act as both a rifle and a shield. Have fun and aim wisely!


—To move, use WASD or arrow keys. 
—To fire, use LMB.


—Simple 2D graphics 
—Bullet scheme 
—A variety of skin choices 
—Melee attacks

Gameplay: You play as a nullermand, and you can collect dust to defend yourself or shoot other players! You will destroy others by attacking them or engaging in melee combat! Your health points are your missiles! The more you choose, the more difficult it is to kill you! You should collect up to ten Dust. But keep in mind that the more you have, the slower you run! You get to pick whether you want to be swift and nimble or slow and rough.

Play hide and seek or Rambo-style!

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