Jumbled.io is a fantastic online word game in which you must race against other players to build a wide range of foreign terms. You are shown a phrase at the bottom of the screen (which may be in any language) and must reconstruct it in the space at the bottom using the jumble of letters spread in the middle of the playing field.

You must keep dragging letters into place, and you can take care of other players' letters. Move quickly to continue looking for letters to spot. Some players can place the same letter you have already placed over one you have already set – so you can then place another one over that! This game can seem complex, but it is a lot of fun and really intense! Can you sort the jumbled letters and correctly reconstruct the words?

Control: To pass an alphabet, drag the left mouse.

How to play: Find the matching letters in the awesome jumble and drag them into the matching boxes at the bottom of the board with your mouse. The more letters you have received in a row, the more points you can get. However, other players can spoil your collection performance if you do not use the lock icon to protect your collected letters!

  Jumbled io is a classic mixing word game that incorporates io components. What a disaster! In this real-time multiplayer fun puzzler for people (and cyborgs) with eagle eyes, fast reflexes, and good nerves, can you piece together the correct word from the large letter jumble?

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