Playrps-win is a chase-and-escape version of the Rock Paper Scissors game. It's an open game with a public scoreboard.

 Control: Through your mouse, you can guide the movement of your character.

How to play: To begin dashing, right-click. The dash is an ability that, when triggered, accelerates the character in one direction for a certain amount of time without allowing you to change direction. It has a cooldown that resets as you level up or use the cooldown reset (c) powerup. The orb lights represent points, while the circled letters represent power-ups.

Advantages (Collectible letters found on the map).

—delete the cooldown (c)
—phantom mode - renders you invisible and innocuous (p)
—expand in size (g)
—reduce in size (s)


Dash - trigger with the right mouse button or a double tap on a mobile device

When available, Q will reduce the cooldown for dash. Each update cuts it by 4 seconds, bringing it down to a bare minimum of 4 seconds.

W - will grant you an additional life. When you are touched, you will be pushed down, and you will have to make another level to regain this point.

E - can increase the dash distance.

R - can cause your cooldown to reset when you kill someone, allowing for high ability play.


- There can be a limit of 100 degrees. Each level passively improves your speed and grants one skill point, which can be used to improve your dash reach, reduce cooldowns, gain a special passive ultimate ability, or gain an extra life.
- The blue orbs on the cooldown bar reflect a player's level of cooldown reduction.
- The yellow orbs on the cooldown bar reflect a player's dash distance number.
- The green orb spinning orb indicates that a player's dash cooldown has been reset.
- The scale of the character indicates how many lives he has (maximum 3). The power-up that increases your size does not grant you additional lives.


—If you run and have the power-up of reset cooldown after the dash, you can double sprint. 
—If someone is pursuing you and someone is chasing them, you can time the phantom mode (p) power-up to bait the killer into dying and then killing his attacker.
—When you kill someone, you deduct some of his points (100 percent max the points required for a level up).

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