Painty-io is a 2D Shooter .io game that will provide you with hours of entertainment as well as interesting tasks to complete. Simply enter this gaming arena and demonstrate your abilities to the whole universe. You must use your gun to fire and fire paint at the enemies in your path, collect food to gain experience and fuel, and boost your points to improve your stats.


Arrow keys or WASD to move 
Left click to aim 
F to toggle auto-fire on or off

How to play: When you spawn in the arena, your gun will start rolling across the world. Always keep an eye out for your surroundings and your enemies can shoot you from afar at any moment. Aside from the actual foes, you can come across certain unusual characters when driving around, such as goblins and triangles. Don't be afraid to take them down and you'll get a lot of experience from them. Attempt to kill and shoot something that gets in the way when defending yourself at all times. There are various colored foods scattered across the map that can be picked! You must consume as many as possible in order to charge your strength, gain experience, and gain points. You must consume as many as possible in order to charge your strength, gain experience, and gain points. Then you can invest points to improve stats including bullet damage, attack damage, maximum fuel, maximum fuel regen, body armour, maximum health point, maximum health point regen, and movement speed. This enhanced stats will make you better than ever before. On the left side, you can see a bar reflecting the amount of fuel you have. The colour of the bar will match the color of your character. During the fight, you should keep an eye on this fuel bar. When it's almost empty, you must immediately refill it by consuming the food, or else you won't have enough paint to defeat your opponents. Painty io, like most IO titles, has a general aim of dominating the leaderboard, which means you must last longer in order to hit the top!

Strategy: You can switch your character by using the arrow keys or the keys W,A,S,D, and you can fire at enemies by using the left mouse button. Pick up food and battle monsters to gain experience and XP.

   Paintyio is a fun game in which you control a tank that shoots paintball projectiles. You must walk around the globe collecting the various colored paint drops. Your degree rises when you accumulate paint drops. You are awarded with skill points for each stage you advance. This experience points can be used to improve the tank's travel speed, firing rate, firepower, health points, and overall fuel.

Aside from gathering paint blobs, you can even fire enemies and AI-controlled tanks to earn extra points. You can also change your tank form every ten stages. The higher your rating, the more advanced the tank you will use, such as one with four cannons. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge as it depletes with time. By pressing the F key, you can also allow auto-fire. This enables you to focus on your movement and target. Will you master the paint arena and create the biggest and most powerful tank?

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