Fallerz.io is a no-cost iogame. Welcome to the one-of-a-kind universe of Fallerz. A environment filled with barriers that appear out of nowhere, scenery that twists clockwise and counterclockwise, and poles and spikes that populate the ground you walk on. This is an adorable universe in which you are a sentient lump of color with beady eyes competing against a slew of other lumps who are also attempting to make it to the end of the game. Will you be the first to arrive? Will you be the only one standing? Will you finish 17th? It is all up to you to sort it out and work it out. You are competing against players from all over the world, and while the game looks sweet and cuddly, it is truly totally cutthroat and cynical. Just one person will win, and if it isn't you, it will be one of them. Sharpen your elbows and start running because if you don't do it right, you're going to crash hard.


WASD to pass 
Space to jump 
Mouse to look

Features: Multiplayer browser.io game that adds bots to the lobby automatically if matchmaking takes too long

  Fallerz.io is a multiplayer.io driving game in which players race to be the first to cross the finish line. The course is filled with challenges that appear out of nowhere, scenery that rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, posts, and spikes.

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