World Of Pixels

World Of Pixels
World Of Pixels is a drawing game that is available for download. The canvas is infinite, and the possibilities for this game are limitless. This is a collaborative pixel painting experience in which you and hundreds of other players from around the world can turn up and work together to create some pretty cool art. The only rules are: be kind, be cool, don't hate, and don't do something strange. Don't bother the mods or other players, and you can build and collaborate for as long as you want. Although the canvas is not theoretically endless, it is so large that we expect you, we double-dog dare you, to reach the end of it. You have the option of drawing a cool pixelated stick-man, a 3-D meme, or your own abstract creation. Coordination with other players in the chat will allow you to optimize your contributions and build something large and strong. Art is a never-ending game in which everybody wins simply by signing on. Have you ever tried to make something? If you want to express yourself? To bring something new into the universe that did not previously exist? We owe you the opportunity with "Our World of Pixels," a profoundly shared experience.


Left mouse button for selecting/coloring/zooming in 
Right mouse button for clearing color/zooming out 
—To switch the camera, use the arrow keys (moving and zoom tools)

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